Seceuroguard 1001

Insurance Approved

The SeceuroGuard 1001 Retractable Security Gate offers an outstanding mix of security with the elegance of the lattice style design. The SeceuroGuard 1001 is SWS’s Insurance Approved design. Approval has been gained as a result of independent testing to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 Security Rating Classification 1. The remainder of this section covers the background to what this approval and rating means in practical terms.

Removing the guesswork from Product Evaluation and Selection

How can you know which products are truly resistant to physical attack?

Appearance may suggest security, but can you be sure that a device does not contain a design flaw that will allow rapid access to the ingenious burglar? Specifiers, end-users, the police and insurers are increasingly demanding physical security products that carry an independent stamp of compliance and quality assurance.

Tested and Approved to LPS 1175

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the UK’s leading independent certification body for fire and security products, operates an approval scheme to LPS 1175. Approval and certification is based on the testing of a product’s performance and the manufacturer’s quality management systems being in accordance with ISO 9002. Installation procedures are also defined to a high standard, ensuring the product performance is not compromised by sub-standard installation. These specialist products should only be attached to structurally sound openings such as masonry, brick, steel or timber, moreover the type and frequency of fixings required is very precise. LPS 1175 is the only meaningful benchmark for gauging actual resistance in the face of a determined attack.

Passing the test regime is a tough and lengthy process that has been successfully completed by the SeceuroGuard 1001. Under the stringent conditions of a comprehensive test regime, SeceuroGuard 1001 is subjected to a variety of assaults from equipment commonly used for vandalism and breaking and entering, in order to ascertain its burglary resistance to physical attack.

LPCB approval and certification gives assurance of the SeceuroGuard 1001’s construction and consistent performance to an internationally recognised standard. Take the guesswork out of product selection – use tested and approved products from SWS.

The Police Preferred Specification

As a further reinforcement of the products performance, the SeceuroGuard 1001 retractable security gate has successfully undergone Secured by Design evaluation and is able to display the “Police Preferred Specification” mark. Secured by Design identifies technical standards and evaluations which test the competence of security products and their resistance to criminal attack. The tests and evaluations are carried out by UKAS approved test houses.

Seceuroguard 1001

The SeceuroGuard retractable security gate system combines a classic appearance with effective protection, ideal for home or workplace. The high security 1001 has added structural strength from a specially designed lattice assembly system using high patented grade steel inter-screws.

The system can be fitted to the face or reveal of a window or door aperture and can be specified in a single or double-sash configuration. Where a clear, safe walk through is required SeceuroGuard’s bottom track can, as an optional extra, be made to fold up.

For Residential Premises

In high risk areas or simply for added peace of mind, the SeceuroGuard 1001 is an excellent choice for home protection. With added structural strength combined with many of the features of the SeceuroGuard 1000, the SeceuroGuard 1001 offers stylish, unobtrusive security alongside potential insurance premium benefits.

For Retail Premises

The added security and strength of the insurance approved SeceuroGuard 1001 offers effective protection of high value stock in window and store displays. Combining many of the features of the SeceuroGuard 1000 with increased structural strength and, in most cases, 4 point locking, the SeceuroGuard 1001 has optional folding bottom tracks to allow unrestricted access through doorways when the gates are open and compact sashes which fold neatly to the side giving unobscured visibility of window displays.

For Business Premises

Businesses in vulnerable locations or premises containing valuable equipment are often targeted by criminals. Either on an insurance company’s recommendation, or to pre-empt future attack, the insurance approved SeceuroGuard 1001 is the perfect choice. Offering enhanced strength and security with minimal obstruction to visibility and natural light even when the gates are in the closed position, premises and staff are protected with no detraction to the appearance of the office environment.

Seceuroguard 1001

High Performance Security, High Performance Security, No sacrifice in Appearance

  • Strong – Made from galvanised steel with a patented fixing system
  • Versatile – Custom built for almost any opening, gates fit internally in either the window reveal or around the opening in either single or double-sash configuration
  • Ease of use – Smooth top running operation with an option of a folding bottom track to leave doorways unobstructed
  • Secure – Multi-point locking (4 point in most cases, with three point on smaller gates) operating from a single key which is out of view of potential attackers whist remaining easy to operate from either side
  • High quality maintenance free finish – Supplied in high quality white powder coated finish as standard. Optional colours are available from stock
  • A floating sash version is available
  • A fixed frame version is available when retraction of the gate is not required

When extra security and strength is needed, SeceuroGuard 1001 is the insurance approved option. Stylish, yet deceptively strong, unobtrusive, essentially maintenance free and easy to use, the SeceuroGuard 1001 offers LPCB certified and approved protection.

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