the first garage door tested and approved to police and insurance standards

For security without compromise, look no further than the new SeceuroGlide Excel insulated roller garage door.

A product for the security conscious home-owner, SeceuroGlide Excel adds the highest available security specification to the benefits of the original SeceuroGlide to create the most advanced roller door on the market.

The unique reinforced design of SeceuroGlide Excel has enabled it to become the first garage door of any kind to successfully complete independent testing recognised on a national level. A typical garage contains many high value items, including tools that can be used to gain access to the remainder of your property. If proven protection for your car and home is a priority, there is no better choice.

SeceuroGlide Excel roller doors are available in a choice of fifteen low-maintenance finishes and come supplied with a single channel SeceuroSmart receiver with built-in courtesy light, two key fob transmitters, a bottom slat safety sensor and an internal manual override. Available with optional alarm.


Tested to LPS 1175: Issue 5

Security is a very serious consideration for all home owners. According to British Crime Survey figures released by the Home Office, there were an estimated 733,000 domestic burglaries carried out in England and Wales in 2005/2006.

Not only is your garage often one of the easiest ways to break into your home, but it usually houses high value items that are easy for an intruder to steal and sell.

Tested and Approved

SeceuroGlide Excel is the first garage door to offer Police and Insurance approval. Tested to the rigorous LPS 1175 burglary resistance standard, the door is certified to resist timed manual attacks that mimic common burglary methods using commercially available tools such as knives, levers and screwdrivers. Operated by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the UK’s leading independent certification body, the standard is recognised and endorsed by 16 organisations, including the Association of British Insurers and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

SWS UK is audited annually for the quality and consistency of manufacturing and factory systems.

For more information on the scheme refer to www.brecertification.co.uk

Physical Security

SeceuroGlide Excel is fitted with an innovative locking mechanism that automatically secures the door every time it closes. Upon closing, the aluminium slats firmly interlock, resisting attempts to break through or lift the door by force. To prevent the curtain from being forced out of its guide rails, the Excel also features unique bottom slat anchors (patent applied for). In addition, steel end plates and the curtain webbing assembly system also
contribute to the security rating.

Secured by Design

SeceuroGlide Excel has been awarded the prestigious Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification status.
Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’ by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a wide range of products and applications. Only products which have been tested and meet the required technical standard can be awarded the Police Preferred Specification.

Research has indicated that Secured by Design usage can reduce burglary and car crime by up to 50% and criminal damage by 25%.

For more information on this initiative refer to www.securedbydesign.com

  • Certificate No 390b
  • Approved to LPS 1175: Issue 5
  • Security rating 1

Notes on the SeceuroGlide Excel:

  • All SeceuroGlide Excel doors are supplied with 90mm guide rails as standard.
  • The low level external override option is not available for SeceuroGlide Excel.
  • In cases where the garage door is the only means of entry to the garage a battery backup will be required.
  • SeceuroGlide Excel doors must always be internally fitted, with the entire coil above the opening.

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